Now we come to the most important Advantages of SOTA-DOMUS construction technology
Before we begin some basic considerations: We are currently experiencing an unprecedented flood of innovation. Innovations in all areas are increasing disproportionately. Suddenly things become possible that we still thought were science fiction a few years ago. SOTA-DOMUS building technology is particularly aware of this innovation explosion. The constantly advancing automation possibilities, controlled by increasingly intelligent algorithms – keyword: Artificial Intelligence - will not only make it possible to produce the SOTA-DOMUS components fully automatically, but also to manufacture the components directly ready for installation according to the drawings. The new technologies will permeate the entire production process. This gives us unprecedented flexibility combined with absolute quality and precision. There are also incredible developments in the field of new materials. We would like to explain using an example: We are working with the company “First Graphene” to use the new wonder material Graphene as reinforcement in our layers and profiles.We have already applied for a patent for the use of Graphene in our SOTA-DOMUS components. Why Graphene: Stronger than steel / One of the hardest materials in the world, harder than diamonds / and 200 times stronger than steel / (1,100TPa/125 GPa) of the same thickness but very flexible and won’t break. For example, a graphene sheet 1m² in size could support a 4kg cat, but would weigh only as much as the cat’s whiskers. SOTA DOMUS is always State-of-the-Art Technology