Condensed Building
Having a safe Home of one's own is the greatest Wish for all People, apart from their basic Needs.
1.2 Billion Housing-Units must be built by 2050 This is the latest result of a study conducted worldwide. We don't even have 30 years until 2050. If we take the construction period of 30 years as a basis, 40.000 million housing units must be built every year. Now there are several major problems in achieving this goal: There is no longer enough building material for today's building methods A study by the CLUB of ROME concludes that we will need 3 Earths if we continue to waste our resources as we do now Conventional building is one of the biggest Climate-Killers. With today's standard building methods, such large quantities cannot be built in such a short time. Since people are moving more and more into the cities, there is not enough land for building.
The Solution SOTA-DOMUS condensed Construction How does SOTA-DOMUS define condensed Construction? Densified building is a construction method in which as many people as possible occupy a comfortable residence on a small building area. Densified building defines SOTA-DOMUS with extremely low resource use. SOTA-DOMUS dense building is environmental protection in action, because the largest proportion of materials consists of renewable raw materials from the country in which the buildings are erected. SOTA-DOMUS condensed Construction is building in Record-Time. Thanks to prefabricated modules, structures can be erected within 8 Weeks, as shown in the short video. This way, about 1.500 People have a cosy and comfortable home within 2 Month.
The Big Difference or how high-tech provides the highest Level of Comfort and saves Construction-Costs at the same Time SOTA-DOMUS is not a building material producer or house builder - SOTA-DOMUS is a HIGH-TECH company that also builds building materials and houses. In contrast to conventional ideas that inexpensive houses are primitive and only equipped with the very basics, SOTA-DOMUS has the exact opposite approach. Contrary to the common perception that modern technology makes housing modules more expensive, it is the other way around.
We would like to demonstrate the enormous performance of SOTA-DOMUS construction technology with a concrete example. Rocinha is the largest favela (slum) in South America - 160,000 inhabitants live in dangerous, miserable, conditions on one square mile on a steep slope in Rio de Janairo.
In the following video we present Rocinha so that you can get an impression of the terrible living conditions.
Some impressions from Rocinha
It is easy to see that Rocinha cannot be rehabilitated, only absolute reconstruction at a more suitable location makes sense. How this can be done quickly and in an environmentally friendly way is shown in our video below. NEW Rocinha
Why are SOTA-DOMUS buildings set up so quickly?
The SOTA-DOMUS residential modules are completely pre-assembled in the factory and transported to the construction site in individual elements. It is a particular advantage that the SOTA-DOMUS building elements are very light and can therefore be easily transported. At the construction site, the residential modules are assembled in the shortest possible time using a quick-clamping system. The complete living modules are now pushed into the supporting structure like drawers and fixed in place.
Residential-Modules Residential-Modules Support-Structure Support-Structure  Sound absorbing Rubber Sound absorbing Rubber Space in between for Assembly  Space in between for Assembly
This sketches shows that the individual residential modules have no contact with each other. The short video shows why this leads to very good noise insulation.
This sketch shows that there is a wide space between the individual residential modules, which is used for the installation. Several service doors are installed in the residential modules, which allow easy access to the service shaft at any time.
Such a Disaster is absolutely impossible with the SOTA-DOMUS Buildings The walls of the residential modules, made of Stone-Wood, are absolutely non-combustible and fire-retardant. Even if there is a fire in one living module, it cannot spread to the other living modules. It is absolutely impossible that wherever a fire breaks out, the building and their inhabitants are endangered!
Fire in a Slum - Hell on Earth ...a life-threatening tragedy for every affected family!
SOTA-DOMUS Stone-Wood walls are safe against all Firestorms
SOTA-DOMUS Buildings are Earthquake safe
The pillars are protected by a solid protector against external damage, such as explosions, car rams, etc. In earthquake risk areas, the protectors can be equipped with a vibration protector that absorbs earth shocks and does not transmit them to the building.
SMART-HOMES Safety, Comfort and Material-Savings through High-Tech How are all these things possible with high tech? High-tech is not normally associated with building and certainly not with low-cost building. SMART-HOME or IOT means the networking of all things that can be networked. This goes so far that the modern refrigerator does the shopping. This is not the SOTA-DOMUS approach. SOTA-DOMUS SMART-HOME defines itself differently. Our SMART-HOMES have a powerful central computer that monitors and controls the most important things in the house. However, the central computer is also the interface to the internet and thus the connection to the world. But it also serves the security of the residents. The central computer monitors all events in the house and is connected to the smart watches of the residents. This gives residents the opportunity to have their health monitored in the case of elderly or sick people, and to get help immediately in an emergency. Children can be monitored The central computer is also used to communicate with the central computer of the apartment building. If the resident has a visitor, he or she will register and be authorised in the registration of the apartment building. The visitor is registered and can visit the resident. The advantage of the SOTA-DOMUS SMART-HOME is that the installation effort of the normal electrical installation is considerably lower. The cost of the high-tech components is compensated for by the savings in insatlation. SOTA-DOMUS SMART-HOMES are primarily there for: The safety of the occupants The safety of the appartement The communication of the residents The connection with the security centre of the house SOTA-DOMUS Crime Prevention The favelas / slums are known for their extreme crime rate and violence. This has to be prevented from the very beginning with all determination in the apartment buildings. Therefore, each apartment building is equipped with a surveillance centre that monitors all public places with state-of-the-art video and body scanners. Access to the building for all non-residents is only possible by logging in and registering. With consistent implementation of the SOTA-DOMUS Security-Concept, the flats will be a haven of peace. The enormous risks and costs of constant police deployment or police presence will be eliminated. SOTA-DOMUS Power Supply Each apartment building has its own energy supply. The energy supply will be provided by a plant-oil-PRE_FUEL-driven combined heat and power unit. This combined heat and power plant generates the necessary electricity and the waste heat is used for the hot water supply. The advantages of the SOTA-DOMUS combined heat and power plant are: Independent electricity and hot water supply with the highest possible degree of efficiency. CO2 neutral operation due to PRE-FUEL fuel. Networking of the block heating power plants in the other apartment buildings. This ensures a high level of operational safety. Surplus electricity can be supplied to the local power grid. Central control of the block-type thermal power stations will enormously strengthen the grid stability of the region. The sum of all block-type thermal power plants can supply a large region with electricity in an emergency. Water Supply / Sewage Disposal SOTA-DOMUS water treatment is centralised for all buildings. This ensures a clean and healthy drinking water supply for all residents. The central SOTA-DOMUS Wastewater Disposal ensures wastewater treatment at the highest level. The purified water can be used to irrigate the park facilities and the residues are composted and provide natural fertiliser for healthy plant growth in the park facilities. Intelligent Re-Financing Options Let us look at the refinancing options for the Favele ROCINHA: Rocinha occupies one of the most attractive places in Rio de Janiro today. If the residents were relocated, 1 mile 2 could be renaturalised and create magnificent places for soft tourism. Large amounts of money could be made from the sale of the first-class real estate. The constant deployment of a large number of police officers would no longer be necessary. The decreasing crime rate will bring enormous savings in the judiciary and subsequent prisons. The costs associated with violence in hospitals will decrease considerably. Huge spaces will be created on the ground floor of the apartment buildings, most of which can be rented or sold. Companies could be set up here, offices, restaurants, cafés and much more. Even on the huge roof terraces, exclusive areas could be rented or sold for restaurants, cafés or exclusive offices. Taking all the savings and revenue opportunities together, the new Rocinha could not only be a win-win for the residents, but also for the whole city. Rocinha is an example for all Favelas / Slums on this Earth. Like here, all these URBEN HELLS would have the possibilities to be transformed into places of Harmony and Happiness. Not only an extreme gain in quality of life for the Inhabitants, but also a gain for the whole Community.
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