Project ENYA ENYA means "Source of Life" in Irish/Celtic mythology This is how we see our houses - they should be a Source of Life , Peace, Joy and Security for the Inhabitants. To achieve this goal we put all our Energy and Passion into the construction and planning of our SOTA-DOMUS Houses . To express this claim we have given our first big house project the name ENYA - Source of Life We have thought long and hard about how our first big project should look like. Should it be a luxurious villa, a small apartment house, a family home ...? So we decided on a house that meets the greatest need, anywhere in the world. The need for affordable housing is constantly increasing as the world population grows. On the other hand, resources are rapidly diminishing. After water, concrete is one of the most processed materials in the world. The production of concrete is one of the biggest climate killers we have. With our project "ENYA" we want to prove that it is possible to build a house with a minimum of materials and that it meets all environmental aspects. With "ENYA" we want to prove that inexpensive apartments can have extreme comfort. With "ENYA" we want to prove that ultra good insulation not only saves an extreme amount of energy and relieves the environment, but we want to prove that it leads to an increase in the quality of living and to an improvement in the health of living.
We opted for a Frame-Module Construction method because it offers the greatest advantages in combination with our SOTA-DOMUS construction technology. The SOTA-Domus components are extremely light and at the same time very stiff with the lowest material consumption. By combining SOTA-DOMUS material and Frame-Module Construction we will build houses at an incredible Speed and with a Quality and technical Features are absolutely unique. Why is this so? We will explain this in detail here. Let us start with the static aspects: Setting up such a structure is quick, easy, cheap and very useful. Such support systems are a solid system that can be made in any size and height. These systems are not only very strong, but also earthquake-proof. The SOTA-DOMUS modules are very suitable for this type of construction, because they are very light and at the same time extremely rigid. The lightness allows structural systems that only have to carry a fraction of the weight of the previous systems. This saves a lot of material and costs. The stiffness of the SOTA-DOMUS modules strengthens the structural system extremely by absorbing the complete transverse forces of the structure. This makes the entire structure extremely safe from wind an d earthquakes. Frame systems with this design have weaknesses in lateral forces- see arrow. The SOTA-DOMUS modules are non-positively clamped to the supporting structure, thus absorbing the complete transverse forces. In combination with the highly rigid SOTA-DOMUS modules , the supporting structure achieves an extraordinarily good static strength. In addition, the SOTA-DOMUS modules are real Lightweights and therefore only place a small load on the supporting structure. Especially in the case of strong earthquakes, the high static properties and the low masses will protect the inhabitants of our future SOTA-DOMUS houses from strong earthquake amplitude s. You can find more information on our page: Earthquakes Further Advantages of the frame structure and the SOTA-DOMUS modules: The easy insertion of the modules into the frame structure. The lightweight modules can be lifted and placed with simple lifting gear without any effort. They can also be easily removed from the frame and exchanged for other modules. These possibilities make it possible, even after years , to change the room structures in such a way that they can easily adapt to market conditions. Thus, as shown in our video, out of a possible 60 100 sqm apartments 240 25 sqm apartments, for students or hotels and much more. Also the combination is always possible. The SOTA-DOMUS frame-module construction offers you all possibilities at any time. Our houses remain immovable properties , but they become „SOTA-DOMUS Adaptable-Properties“ This property is particularly important because SOTA-DOMUS will build houses for "Eternity" . Further Advantages - Closed-Facade with simultaneous Fire-Protection for the supporting Structure. The SOTA-DOMUS Frame-Module Construction-Method can easily be applied to create a Closed Facade that can be designed in All Variations . More here If a closed facade is required, the modules are installed without front panel. Specially shaped front panels are t hen inserted subsequently. The Heel in the Front-Panels ensures that the Front-Panel on the one hand hermetically closes the front and on the other hand absorbs the Transverse-Forces. After the installation of the front panels, the result is a clo sed facade. This is not only interesting because of the visual appearance, but the SOTA- DOMUS panels are fire retardant. The supporting structure is protected by the fire-retardant SOTA-DOMUS from overheating and softening and thus from losing its carrying properties. You can see here how even thin SOTA-DOMUS panels prevent fire and the penetration of heat. A house made of SOTA-SOMUS panels prevents the spread of fire from outside the house or from inside the house. How such a fire can lead to much Death and Suffering, you can see here and why this is Impossible with SOTA-DOMUS Panels. The SOTA-DOMUS Modues are suspended spatially separated by the frame supporting structure. The distance between the modules is determined by the design of the supporting structure. This spatial distance between the modules permanently prevents sound transmission from one module to another module - Structure-Borne Sound is excluded. Structure-Borne Sound is the most difficult sound type to eliminate . Why this is so, we demonstrate in this short video. Structure-Borne Sound can only be eliminated permanently by Decoupling the individual Vibrating- Systems . With the SOTA-DOMUS Frame-Module construction, the individual modules are ideally decoupled from each other. This means in Practice - you only hear your Neighbour when he visits you at your hom e. The spaces between the modules are the ideal Installation- Platforms. They can be used to route all media simply and easily to where it is needed. The installation within the modules is carried out according to the S OTA-DOMUS Skirting-Board Principle . You can learn more about this principle here.
Heel in the Front-Panel
The front panels each cover half of the profiles of the supporting frame
Sound-Decoupling Sound-Decoupling
Basic Advantages of the Pre-Produced Module Construction Prefabricated Modules and Components enable incredible construction speeds on the construction site. The Prefabricated Modules and Components only need to be installed This means that even extremely large building structures can be erected and ready for move-in within a very short time. The short construction time on the building site results in major cost savings . All Components and Modules are manufactured under ideal Conditions in a partially automated and certified work process . The prefabrication of the modules and components is carried out under industrial standards - quality and production speed at the highest level. All industrial advantages of today and the future flow directly into the production. The conventional construction method, which takes place mainly on the building site, is carried out under the worst conceivable conditions. The "non-quality" that is produced on the construction site culminates, for example in Switzerland, in the fact that over 70% of all legal disputes can be attributed to construction faults. An optimized, partially automated, certified production process within a production company is unbeatable. This type of construction is without doubt the future The entire industrial production processes are in a phase of radical change . Faster and faster processors and artificial intelligence will turn our future world upside down. With SOTA-DOMUS Construction Technic we will participate in this upheaval, we will not only Revolutionize Construction Technology with our construction materials, but also with the production of components and modules using the most Modern Techniques . We will push ahead with the developments of the new INDUSTRY 4.0 and consistently implement them in our production - for the Benefit of our Customers and the Environment. In the Future, the machines will be fully automated to produce buildings Designed by Architects directly and immediately. The New Age of Digitalization will not only produce better, more sustainable and affordable buildings , but buildings will become Individual without Limits. With SOTA-DOMUS, the Future of Building Technology has already Arrived.
SOTA-DOMUS Future Technology inside and outside the House Here we will talk in detail about the use of Novel Techniques in our Future-Homes , which will make living in SOTA-DOMUS Homes not only more Sustainable, but also very Comfortable and Healthy. We will report on the new Self-Climbing Lift System, which will replace all local lift systems. With it, Many house Inhabitants can be moved at the Same Time and get off Directly in their Flat . The new lift system is controlled with new Intelligent Algorithms in such a way that as many users as possible come to their apartments quickly and efficiently. There will be variations where the Residents of a SOTA-DOMUS Skyscaper will be able to drive directly with their city car to their 53 floor apartment. We will report about new house concepts and much more. We will present SOTA-DOMUS House Concepts where the roof terraces are connected to each other, creating Huge Parks in the airy heights that are Safe and their vegetation Purifies the Air . These "Heavenly Gardens" will not only serve to Green the Cities , but also to Compensate for the Sealed, built-up areas . We will present calculations on how Future novel Reinforcing Materials and the SOTA-DOMUS Lightweight-Construction Method will radically change the Building Statics. You can get a foretaste here. We live in a time of „Technical Miracles“ which makes many things possible that once seemed Unthinkable. We will use these "Miracles" consistently in our SOTA-DOMUS Production and in our houses. Stay tuned and have a look at our website again soon, we will inspire you.