SOTA-DOMUS buildings can be built up to 10 times faster - why?
Here we see an example of today's exterior wall construction of a common house. Today's exterior walls consist of many different materials that require a lot of work to build.
1. Polystyrene foam λ value 0.04 W/(m·K) 2 . Circumferential step fold 3 . Clinker guide joint 4 . Special adhesive mortarl 5 . Glass fibre reinforcement fabric 6 . Primer for finishing plaster 7 . Lime-Cement plaster (roughcast) 8 . Thermo-Sign facade coating
SOTA-DOMUS Exterior-Walls
High-performance honeycombs Load capacity 200to/m 2
Incombustible high-performance insulating foam a lambda value of λ: 0.02 [W/(m-K)].
Cover layers made of through-coloured, waterproof mineral
SOTA-DOMUS all in one panel In the SOTA-DOMUS exterior wall panels, all the necessary elements are already hermetically connected to each other. Simply set up and move in! It couldn't be simpler and faster!
SOTA-DOMUS all in one panel Simply set up – done! No bricklaying of walls No subsequent insulation No plastering No painting of the exterior walls Never ever! No erection of scaffolding When the building site is set up in normal construction, SOTA-DOMUS builders are already moving in!
SOTA-DOMUS Interior-Walls
SOTA-DOMUS all in one panel Simply set up – done! No expensive metal substructure necessary No time-consuming screwing and filling of the drywall panels Much more stable than dry-walls! Screws can be screwed in without dowels The surface geometry is freely selectable - see picture! Interior finishing has never been faster, more stable and more flexible!
Express Drywall Installation!
Even the most complex room designs can be carried out quickly and efficiently with SOTA-DOMUS interior-room panels.
The SOTA-DOMUS cover layers can be dyed with all mineral colours. There are no limits to the surface geometry!
Drywall with integral wainscotting
270mm U=0,08 W/m²K
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