Carbon-Capture Technology is the term for technologies that filter CO 2 out of the air and store it long-term. To effectively stop our climate change, it is no longer enough to prevent the emission of CO 2 , but the CO 2 must be absorbed from the air and deposited in the long term. The most natural Carbon-Capture Technology is Photosynthesis, the most important chemical/physical process in Nature. Plants absorb the CO 2 from the air and store it in their structure. When the plant mass decomposes, the CO 2 is released again. The company SOTA-DOMUS SWISS has developed completely new interior walls. The covering layers used here consist of 80% biogenic waste, such as wood flour, nut shell flour and other biogenic waste. These natural raw materials are bound and crystallised with a special mineral binder. The naturally contained CO 2 in the organic materials is thus removed from the air forever. Each m 2 of Stone-Wood Interior-Wall thus permanently binds approx. 5kg CO 2 / m 2 . For example, a 1-Family-House has approx. 300m 2 of interior walls with a room height of 3m. These interior walls permanently relieve the air with 300m2 x 5kg/m 2 = 1,500kg CO 2 .
With each STONE-WOOD Interior-Wall Panel, our air is permanently relieved of 15 kg of CO2 .