SOTA-DOMUS need up to 10 times less material - why?
The Secret of the low material consumption lies in the use of SOTA-DOMUS high-performance honeycombs. In terms of volume, the SOTA-DOMUS honeycombs consist of approx. “99% Nothing"! Although the volume of honeycombs consist almost of nothing, they have a load-bearing capacity of over 200 tonnes/m 2 ! With this load capacity in relation to the honeycomb weight, SOTA-DOMUS honeycombs are world champion! When the cover layers are cast, the honeycombs are cast firmly into the cover layers. The honeycombs are not glued to the face sheets, instead they are mechanically fixed, which makes the extreme stiffness of the panels possible. Due to the high load-bearing capacity of the SOTA-DOMUS high-performance honeycombs, the face sheets can be made very thin - usually 10 mm - depending on the surface geometry and the mechanical requirements. The combination of SOTA-DOMUS honeycombs and face sheets enables the SOTA-DOMUS panels to achieve unprecedented material savings!
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