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Learn more about the Graphene Revolution and the effects on our techniques
Here are a few examples of how Graphene will greatly improve our SOTA-DOMUS Construction Technology
Graphene could increase the load capacity of the already very stable  SOTA-DOMUS honeycombs  many times over. The breaking loads and flexibility would improve extremely and much more. The Lambda value of the foam could be improved If the cover layers are reinforced with graphene grids, the range of the SOTA-DOMUS panels could be extremely extended. If the structure of the SOTA-DOMUS ceramic top layers is additionally enriched with graphene it would improve the mechanical properties incredibly The biggest performance leap would be in the reinforcement and onnection profiles. These would explode in their mechanical performance potentials
At the moment the mechanical improvements that the SOTA-DOMUS components will experience through the use of graphene can only be guessed at, but it will be enormous. We will be able to build high-rise buildings as never before. Construction Technology will never be the same again!
See here the latest production method of Graphene Flash-Graphene A method that brings graphene from the laboratory to industry at incredibly low prices. Expected price $100 per ton