To All American Municipalities ... Living in a car or even worse becoming homeless is one of the most destructive experiences people can have. This boundless suffering affects not only those affected, it burdens the entire common good of a community and ultimately the common good of an entire country. This must End! SOTA-DOMUS offer the communities to build houses together with us, which are affordable for almost everyone. The houses belong to the communities and are managed exclusively by them. In this way, abuse or rent profiteering is avoided! SOTA-DOMUS has developed a building technique that revolutionizes construction technology! With this construction technique we are able to build the houses at a price that makes it possible for the municipalities to solve the problem of high rents. This is due not only to the extremely low construction costs, but also to the almost zero follow-up costs. The SOTA-DOMUS houses correspond to the passive house standard, which means up to 95% lower energy costs! The SOTA-DOMUS houses have a maintenance-free outer shell - must never be painted! The life of the houses are almost unlimited, they will still look like new even after decades! More technical descriptions SOTA-DOMUS are looking for municipalities that will build these houses together with us, for the benefit of all house seekers. Attention a very important additional advantage Upon completion of a certain size order, we will set up a SOTA-DOMUS production plant in your community to keep the distances short. For the municipality this means that people from the region get a permanent job and the municipality has additional tax revenue, reduced social costs etc. If the savings and additional tax revenues are combined, a large part of the construction costs can be financed.
If you are interested in our offer, send us an email. Please give us the name of the responsible contact person and their coordinates. We will get back to you shortly. We would be pleased to cooperate with you. Email:
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