SOTA-DOMUS Panels - ideal for floating Constructions
Mineral coloured top layer The thickness and reinforcement of the surface layers can be adapted to the static requirements as needed. High-performance mineral coatings have compressive strengths similar to steel, but no longer weigh the same as aluminium Water penetration depth close to zero - absolutely no corrosion
Building materials are exposed to the highest stress on the water - metal corrosion, wood rot Even protective coatings only provide protection for a short time, after which they have to be re- applied at great expense - not so with the building materials from SOTA-DOMUS SOTA-DOMUS top layers are made of Ceramic, which means they are absolutely watertight they are resistant to water and moisture they are resistant to salt they are resistant to UV radiation they do not burn SOTA-DOMUS top layers are dyed through with mineral pigments, which means the top coats do not have any extra paint, the top coats are dyed through in their complete structure mineral pigments are absolutely UV-resistant, they do not bleach SOTA-DOMUS panels keep their appearance forever and do not require any maintenance environmental influences cannot destroy SOTA-DOMUS panels - there is no corrosion or bleaching out.
SOTA-DOMUS high-tech Honeycomb World champion in Load-Capacity in relation to Weight  Load capacity 200 Tons per m2   Temperature resistant between -40°C & + 120°C In this Picture you can see that the Honeycombs are embedded in the Ceramic This gives us a mechanical Connection in addition to the adhesive Connection Ideally, the mechanical Connection absorbs all  Transverse Loads All other Information about Building a House with  SOTA-DOMUS Panels can be found here Floating-Citys Floating Hollyday-Resorts