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Our future will be decided in the deserts of the world! Already 1/3 of the planet's land mass is infertile, uninhabitable desert and driven by climate change the desert is rapidly expanding! In this frightening fact lies our great Chance! Here we present two incredible projects that can change the world. DESERT-VISION a project that brings deserts back to life solves all our energy problems CO 2 free produces so much drinking water that there will be no more shortages creates new urbanisations for millions of inhabitants and much, much more Let us surprise you PRE-FUEL a project that solves the problems with our mobility, on the land, in the water and in the air forever. so much CO 2 is extracted from the air and permanently stored that the impossible becomes possible - return to a CO 2 level like before industrialisation. Learn more about the PRE-FUEL PARADOX that can avert the Climate-Catastrophe. PRE-FUEL PARADOX
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