New Construction Technique to Eliminate Slums
The Insulation-Industry for existing Houses  is called a Sleeping GIANT because the Potential is  incredible huge  One of the greatest energy saving potentials lies in the insulation of existing Houses  SOTA-DOMUS has the best Insulation-Technology  Houses insulated with Sota-Domus technology actively contribute to climate protection and do not have to be  painted again   Sleeping GIANT
Sample House - Project: ENYA DESERT-VISION We present the largest and most unusual  Solar-Project ever. High lights: 4 Solar-Mirror Fields each 4x4km - 16km2 total Area 64 km2 Electrical output 3.84 GW - equal to 4 Nuclear-Power Plants Drinking-Water production from sea water: 1.7 million m3 / day Fruit and Vegetable production under the mirror fields  300,000 tons / year Additional Living-Space under the mirror fields of 20.000 People When the Monster come Refugee Technology A safe home - fast, inexpensive, long lasting Housing-First Project Giving Homeless People back their Dignity Living on the Water
DIY - Kit of a small Mediterranean Beach-Villa