SOTA-DOMUS are recyclable - why?
Basic questions about recycling: Buildings are not short-lived goods for which recycling and reuse of the basic materials is an absolute MUST! SOTA-DOMUS buildings in particular are subject to practically no wear and tear, so there is no need for demolition from the wear side. Of course, buildings are also demolished for other reasons and in these cases recycling is desirable. SOTA-DOMUS buildings are almost 100% recyclable: The material cost of the buildings is a fraction of conventional buildings. Demolition can be done very easily so that many of the SOTA-DOMUS panels can be reused in other buildings. In the case of complete recycling, it is very easy to separate the face sheets from the honeycomb structure, so that you have "grade clean" materials that can be reused individually. SOTA-DOMUS Building Technology - recycling has never been easier and cheaper
mineral cover layers
insulation foam
Honeycomb supporting structure
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