The SOTA-DOMUS cover-sheets can be adapted to the requirements by individual reinforcement materials. From simple Glass-Mat reinforcements, to Carbon-Fibre- or Kevlar-Mats, to special Metal-Mats can be used as reinforcement mats. This increases the load-bearing capacity exorbitantly. The use of Metal-Mats makes the top layers „Bullet-Proof“. We are already testing the new miracle material "Graphene" on a laboratory scale. The video shows what can be expected from Graphene in the near future. The use of this material pushes the performance of SOTA-DOMUS panels to unimagined heights!
It is also possible to pre-stress the reinforcing materials. This pre-tension is "frozen" during curing and acts on the panel. With pre-tensioned reinforcement materials, the span-width can be increased by up to 100%!
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