The big Problem Today's building technology is the Biggest-Climate-Killer and Resources-Destroyer ! The necessary resources for conventional construction are almost exhausted! But we require 1.2 billion residential units by 2050! These are facts that are absolutely contrary to each other and make the construction of the urgently needed housing impossible!
The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and still hope that something will change
The facts of destruction Here are the most important climate-destroying, resource-wasting and environmentally damaging elements of modern house construction Concrete Concrete is the most widely used material in house construction today. Important note - after water, concrete is the most used resource in the world! To make concrete, you require two main elements - special sand and cement as a binder. Sand People generally think there is sand in abundance, but this idea is absolutely wrong. To make concrete you require an angular grain of sand. During concrete production, the edges of the sand grains can interlock with each other and thus create the high strength of the concrete. Sand that is exposed to the weather (e.g. desert sand) is ground round by weathering, this sand cannot be used for concrete production. Round sand grains cannot interlock with each other and the concrete loses its strength. Thus, only sand taken from the ground or from the water can be used. This causes tremendous environmental damage worldwide! You can see the whole tragedy and drama in the video "SAND is running out". Cement Cement is the binding agent of concrete. Cement production requires large amounts of fossil energy to reach the process temperature of over 1,000°. During the burning of the raw materials, CO 2 is also released. Both processes together account for over 8% of global CO 2 emissions! Pestecide Modern, well-insulated house walls have the problem that condensation settles on the wall, which stimulates algae growth. To counteract this algae growth, highly toxic pesticides are applied to the facade paints. In order to be effective, it is necessary for the toxins to defuse to the surface, where they are washed off by the rain. To maintain the deadly effect, the facade paints have to be constantly renewed. In Europe, the highly toxic pesticides washed off the walls cause a higher toxic load in the groundwater than agriculture. The leached pesticides from the isolated house walls are a major toxic burden on rivers, lakes and groundwater. The sensitive aqua-ecosystem is being destroyed. Insulation, thought to be climate-friendly, is becoming increasingly problematic and a ban is already being discussed - but there is no alternative at the moment! SOTA-DOMUS walls do not require pesticides, because the top layers do not absorb water and thus algae growth is impossible!
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