4.0 - Fourth Industrial-Revolution
No production needs a revolution as much as the construction industry! The construction industry is largely characterized by manual operations The attempt to automate the classic construction method, mostly timber frame construction, in a pre-production is very costly and only possible in parts, because the wall element consists of many different parts To realize a completely automated production process, a completely different construction method is necessary SOTA-DOMUS construction method is such a construction method, because in principle the same panels are used for the entire building SOTA-DOMUS construction technology is ready for 4.0 - the 4th building revolution! In view of the major challenges in the construction market, in terms of the number of housing space required and the ever-increasing prices of raw materials, the focus is increasingly on modular construction SOTA-DOMUS is predestined for modular construction, because SOTA-DOMUS is able to produce large wall elements in one piece, which are provided with the necessary openings on a special SOTA-DOMUS milling-machine. The wall elements are connected with the connecting profiles developed by SOTA-DOMUS and the complete module is ready In order to guarantee absolutely fully automated production, the technology for the necessary infrastructure has been completely revised. The worldwide demand for affordable housing is enormous, so we are already negotiating with some countries to set up production there. In order to build large quantities of affordable housing, dense residential construction is necessary. This is demonstrated by the example of our Brazil project. The Brazil project involves 200,000 apartments to be built within 10 years. There are projects of this size in many countries around the world, so our project description applies to all of them. BIM Building Information Modeling SOTA-DOMUS building technology is ideally suited to the use of BIM, as the building infrastructure has been significantly simplified and reduced. SOTA-DOMUS construction technology is what progressive construction engineers have always dreamed of - from the Hand-Sketch via the VR-CAD system directly to automatic Production, to the Construction site. The simple SOTA-DOMUS construction method with only one basic panel and the connecting profiles makes this dream come true. More info soon
270mm  more than  Passive-House-Standard
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