SOTA-DOMUS are storm and earthquake safesafe - why?
Storm A storm is an absolute force of nature that can only be withstood with buildings that are so strong in their connections that the wind forces cannot tear the building apart! The SOTA-DOMUS wall and ceiling panels are so firmly connected with specially developed profiles that even strong winds cannot destroy the structures. The animation shows how this works. Roofs with large roof overhangs are particularly at risk. Here too, SOTA-DOMUS has developed an absolutely safe connection that creates a very resilient connection between the walls and the roof - see the following calculation. The special SOTA-DOMUS connections shown make the buildings absolutely safe against storms. Earthquake
Extremely wide support surface  for bonding Strength-Calculation Assumptions: Adhesive power 30kg/cm2 External wall 25cm thick (passive house standard) Profile wall thickness 10mm Support surface incl. profile and slope  = 34cm wide Surface running meter = 34cm x 100cm= 3.400cm2 Adhesive power / running meter = 3.400cm2 x 35kg/cm2 = 119.000kg   = 119 tons / running meter        Adhesive-Power 119 Tons/running meter
Earthquakes are extreme seismic movements that repeatedly cause major damage to buildings and great human suffering. Two very important factors influence the stability of a building during an earthquake: Newton's law states that force equals mass times acceleration. This is expressed by the formula F = m x a. In our case, F is the force acting on the structure of the house. m is the mass of the building structure a is the acceleration energy with which the earthquake moves on the building This simple formula shows that the destructive force on the building increases with both mass and acceleration. We have no influence on the motion energy of the earthquake, so we have to keep the mass of the building as low as possible to reduce the force. This is one of the great advantages of SOTA-DOMUS buildings, their mass is many times less than that of conventional buildings. The second important factor is clearly explained in this video.
Shear force
The problem of transverse stiffness, which is explained in the article, does not exist in the SOTA-DOMUS construction. Any transverse forces that occur are absorbed very efficiently by the wall panels! The SOTA-DOMUS face sheets withstand a compressive load of 200N/mm 2 . The extremely low mass of the building structure reduces the force effect and the high load-bearing capacity of the SOTA-DOMUS panels safely absorbs the lateral loads. The SOTA-DOMUS building technology is thus equipped to withstand even extreme earthquake amplitudes!
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