Smarter Windows Installation
The SOTA-DOMUS technology allows extremely fast and high quality installation of windows. The connection between the windows and the walls is absolutely tight - forever.
Gypsum-Wall Gypsum-Wall Steel-Frame Steel-Frame Styrofoam Styrofoam Styrofoam Styrofoam Concrete Plaster Window
The picture shows the classic wall construction as it is usually used. The differences are usually only in the supporting structure. Here a concrete structure was used, instead of which also hollow bricks, wood structures or other supporting structures are used. But it is very good to recognize how many different building materials are used. Many different materials not only means more effort, but also many possible sources of error. The construction as shown here does not only have a high potential for errors, but is also extremely fire endangered. In the video: "Fire-Strom" you can experience the enormous danger, which comes from this wall construction.
The wall construction shown here is 250mm The heat/cold insulation is low
SOTA-DOMUS Wall-Element Inner-Layer optionally made of high-performance Ceramic or from SOTA-DOMUS Stone-Wood
The cut-out for the window is simply milled out Lintels or other supporting structures are not necessary. Windows can thus also be retrofitted in any  Buildings are inserted
Der SOTA-DOMUS Wandaufbau ist so einfach wie genieal. Die SOTA-DOMUS Hochleistungs-Waben bilden eine flächige Tragwerks-Struktur, die in Verbindung mit den Deckschichten zu extrem stabile Wänden werden.
SOTA-DOMUS Wall-Element Exterior - top layer of solid-coloured high-performance Ceramic with 3D-Structure. The SOTA-DOMUS exterior surfaces must never be painted!
In this short video you can see how easy, fast and safe the installation of windows in SOTA-DOMUS-Technology works
The wall construction shown here is 250mmThe heat/cold insulation is extremely high and absolutely incombustible!