SOTA-DOMUS buildings create a very good feeling of well-being - why?
What makes a home feel good? The feel-good indicator is based on two important factors - the feel-good climate and the feel-good optics. The feel-good climate is created by the consistent avoidance of residential toxins. In the SOTA-DOMUS buildings we consistently avoid all toxic, vapour-emitting substances. Room-Humidity Another very important point is the correct room-humidity. The room humidity depends on various factors: Number of residents Temperature inside the rooms Temperature outside Today, one tries to achieve the ideal room humidity through vapour-diffusion-open exterior walls. However, this is extremely tricky, because all parameters are constantly changing with and in relation to each other, and it is not possible to harmonise them so that the ideal room humidity always prevails. SOTA-DOMUS goes a different way - the way of forced-ventilation, as recommended for passive houses. Forced ventilation with temperature and humidity control creates an absolute feel-good climate 365 days a year. Everyone knows the winter problem - if the weather is cold and dry outside, the air humidity drops rapidly. The low humidity outside also drastically reduces the indoor humidity. This leads to the drying out of our mucous membranes - we become extremely susceptible to germs in the air, which is why we get sick much more often in winter. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to always keep the room humidity at the ideal level - this ensures forced ventilation with moisture management. In addition, most of the energy, whether heat or cold, is returned to the room via a heat exchanger in the forced air exchange system. SOTA-DOMUS walls already have the insulation standard of a passive house with a wall thickness of 27 cm. Learn more about our „Passive House“ and its advantages The ideal room temperature of 20° and room humidity of 40-60% always prevail in the living rooms of the SOTA-DOMUS homes, regardless of the weather outside. Room-Optic Everyone knows the feeling of coming into a room and immediately feeling comfortable or uncomfortable. People's tastes are very individual and the infinite possibilities of room design with SOTA-DOMUS panels are just as individual. This individuality is generated, among other things, by the fact that the surfaces of the panels are cast. This makes it possible to create all imaginable geometries. Many people like a romantic style, others like a modern style, all of which can be realised without any problems - a few examples below. The SOTA-DOMUS panels can be created smooth or in board-optic. A particularly interesting feature is the Wainscotting Optic which can be cast at the same time. The casting moulds are produced in special digitally generated casting tools developed by SOTA-DOMUS . The way the moulds are made allows for an infinite number of geometries. Digital-Print Further exciting design possibilities are offered by a special digital print on the panels, which can be used not only to represent figurative objects, but also to reproduce any desired material - such as granite, marble, wood, metal and infinitely more. Today's digital printing enables representations in a resolution and quality that make it impossible to distinguish between real and print. With a specially developed sealant, it is also possible to use the refined panels in the floor area without damaging the print. This enables floors with an absolutely noble look! This technique makes an absolute luxury ambience possible at an extremely low price. This special SOTA-DOMUS technology will be presented separately in the near future - stay tuned, this enables completely new areas of interior design!
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