… can be built up to 10 times faster - why? … need up to 10 times less material - why?
SOTA-DOMUS buildings
… have the highest standard of insulation - why? … exterior-walls do not need any maintenance - why? … create a very good feeling of well-being - why? … have the smallest carbon footprint - why?
… can not burn - why? … are storm and earthquake safesafe - why?
… are the cheapest with the highest standard of construction - why? … have the longest lifespan - over many decades - why?
… are recyclable - why? … one panel for the whole house - why? Today's building technology causes more than  40% of CO2 Emissions and  consumes 40% of the world's Resources  - this must End!
Current SOTA-DOMUS  Projects SOTA-DOMUS  Passive-House System … have the longest lifespan - over many decades - why? SOTA-DOMUS  4.0 - fourth industrial revolution SOTA-DOMUS  exciting partner projects that can  save us humans from a climate-catastrophe Questions & Answers
European CE construction approval Highest safety impact classification of  the particular European Standard
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Summary Pile driving foundations Setting up the structure Assembly of the apartments Panel structure Reusability versus Recycling Earthquake safety INDUSTRY 4.0